What to do when you start getting more than a thousand likes on your tweets

News 08:05 May 2024:

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In a world where being recognized on social media is so important, people are ever looking for ways to feel appreciated by friend and fellow social media users. However, what should people do with their twitter accounts once they feel the recognition and appreciation they wished for has been achieved. If your goal was also to become popular and get many twitter likes with your posts, what do you do once your average posts start hitting a thousand likes?

To start with, having any followers and likes on your posts could make you tap a potential you never thought you had. For instance, if your many followers follow you to view your news updates for instance, that could act as a chance for you to start a news website. Perhaps people also give you many likes on your funny posts to encourage you to go to mainstream media. But if you still don’t think you are popular enough to turn your twitter likes into a career, start engaging with your followers more often.